Our Products

Deliver reliability, performance, and security to your customers with our libraries and testing tools. Integrate our rigorously tested protocol libraries, or validate the stability and interoperability of your own implementation with our testing tools.

Protocol Libraries

Our protocol libraries are written in safe Rust and are free from reliability and security defects such as memory corruption and race conditions. They scale to the limits of your OS using Rust's async programming model.

We provide bindings for C/C++, .NET Core, and Java generated from a model.

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Smart Fuzzing

Fuzzing is an automated testing technique that subjects software to malformed input. Within the context of protocols, this means having a conversation with a client or server and periodically sending bad messages. Our Aegis fuzzing platform is a smart fuzzer that uses a model of the protocol under test to send intelligently malformed messages. Aegis currently includes modules for testing both the client and server sides of DNP3, IEC 104, and Modbus.

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