About Us

We’re passionate about software quality. Although our preferred tool is Rust, we have broad software engineering experience.

Leadership through Example

The electric utility industry is slow moving. Products usually have service lifetimes measured in decades.

With such a slow rate of change, it's important that industry get things right the first time around.

We have been blogging, presenting, and advocating for secure software practices for almost a decade.

While add-on security products can augment a fragile system, we believe that the best security is built-in.

Adam Crain

Adam Crain

Software Security Engineer, Owner

Adam began his career writing distributed systems for telescopes and instrumentation. Writing software that interacts with the physical world has always been his passion.

Over the years, Adam has become increasingly interested in ICS security, specifically focusing on the reliability and correctness of protocols. There are a number of Adam's presentations online from various conferences that highlight his interests.

When he's not over-analyzing software, he can be found running, mountain biking, and hiking the trails near Bend, Oregon.

Émile Grégoire

Émile Grégoire

CEP - Software Developer

Émile studied Software Engineering at Université Laval in Canada and was introduced to the electric utility industry during an internship. When he graduated in 2019, he immediately joined Step Function I/O to pursue his interest in communication protocols and the electric grid.

He is dedicated to bringing modern software engineering practices to the ICS world. His curiosity and craftsmanship make him a reliable software developer. He speaks French and English, and is a Candidate to the Engineering Profession of the Ordre des ingénieurs du Québec.

Outside of work, Émile enjoys exploring and writing software in other fields. His main interests are emulation of historic hardware, multimedia, physics, and programming languages. He always works with music on, plays piano, and enjoys watching classic movies. He's also a dedicated bird dad.